Our Values


Service and Client Commitment

We serve our clients with the knowledge, skill, creativity, and loyalty expected from a top-caliber law firm. We are responsive to our clients’ expectations, objectives, and needs. We are keenly focused on serving our clients in an effective and efficient manner. We know that the law can act as both a means as well as a barrier to accomplishing our clients’ business objectives in today’s constantly changing business and regulatory landscape. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients are provided with practical, results-driven solutions to these challenges that make sense from a legal, business, and cost standpoint.


We represent our clients vigorously and aggressively, but we do so within ethical bounds and in a manner consistent with the highest ideals of our profession.

Transparency and Responsiveness

We provide full and clear disclosure of our fees at the outset of each engagement and keep our clients informed of costs and expenses. We make sure our clients are regularly updated on the status and progress of their legal matters. We respond to our clients’ questions, phone calls, and e-mails promptly.

Adoption of Technology

We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and practice advancements so that our clients are getting the very best in client service. We have adopted modern document management, timekeeping, and practice management technology. These tools enable our law practice to function in a highly efficient, seamless fashion and allow us to pass along cost savings to our clients while ensuring that our clients’ confidential information is securely safeguarded at all times. Our preference to keep documents in secure, encrypted electronic format not only provides greater security to client data, but also results in increased flexibility when communicating with our clients in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Plain and Intelligible Communication Style

We believe that the most effective legal communication style is one that emphasizes clarity, brevity, and practicality. We speak and draft in plain English. We attempt to avoid the use of archaic, nonsensical legal jargon in our legal communication. We believe that use of “legalese” results in confusion and less effective lawyering. We prefer to draft legal documents and to communicate legal principles in a clear and direct fashion, free of cliché and meaningless conventions. In short, we believe that good legal advice is advice that can be understood by our clients.


We take pride in the diversity of the backgrounds and perspectives of our attorneys, our clients, and our community. Embracing this diversity enhances our connection to the constantly changing world we live in and promotes continuous innovation in the way we practice law.

Service Commitment to Our Communities and the Profession

We recognize the special responsibility that attorneys have to our society and our obligations to our communities. Our attorneys actively participate in community service, pro bono representation, and professional organizations. Whether it’s serving on the board of a children’s charity, delivering Meals on Wheels, or membership in the Pro Bono College of Texas, each of our attorneys strives to do their part in addressing the unmet needs of the underprivileged in our community.